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Coffee Machine Reviews and Ratings

We find the best priced Espresso Machines, Grinders, Roasters and the finest gourmet coffee beans for you…

CoffeeSnoop.com provides you with coffee machine reviews and ratings of Gaggia, Jura, Francis Francis, Saeco, De Longhi and many other brands.

You’ll find lots of easy-to-follow information about capuccino, espresso, pump or capsule coffee machines for home or commercial, plus other types of coffee machines.

We believe that this coupled with our goal to find you the the finest gourmet coffee beans  including quality coffee beans from illy, Gaggia, Lavazza and other brands, will make Coffee Snoop the Number 1 choice for all your coffee needs.

Coffeesnoop.com also helps you in finding various articles about the parts which you may want to upgrade or change like steam valves, pumps, gauges and accessories which would help you to make the final choice of the best coffee machine for you.

Why do you need accurate coffee machine reviews?

Investing in a coffee machine can be a very serious decision and CoffeeSnoop.com aims to serve you in saving the time to research and select the best model for your needs.

The choices you have when it comes to acquiring coffee machines are innumerous. First of all there are different manufacturers; from Francis Francis, Gaggia, Saeco, Jura, La Pavoni, illy, Krupps, and Ascaso to Kitchenaid and others.

Then there are different categories of coffee machines; bean to cup, pod, cappuccino, espresso, pump, capsule, lever, coffee makers, industrial, commercial, roasters, grinders etc.

And each of these categories again has a number of models some of them ultra-modern, without filters or with filters, with capsules or pods, instant steam or not and so on. So the list of coffee machines on the market is vast.

Most of the times future consumers get confused in this array of coffee machines and end up in buying a coffee machine which does not satisfy their needs.

coffee machine reviews

CoffeeSnoop.com provides you with fact-finding advice on everything related to coffee machines and helps you to avoid rushed decisions which often lead to an unpleasant acquisition.

We provide you with all the information and coffee machine reviews from a wide range of major brands and some of the lesser known coffee machines too, along with their brand ratings turning you into a savvy consumer.

In order to make the best of the information on this website you must first know exactly what your needs are.

This means knowing, what kind coffee you want to make (and all the varieties of it), the matching decor surrounding your coffee machine or if your lifestyle includes; big gatherings or great parties with lots of friends, which may require special models of coffee machines.

Secondly before you buy a coffee machine you need to consider the price, features and versatility of different models.

Some top of the line expensive models don’t necessarily mean also the best coffee machines in every area, even though some of the latest fully automatic models can be true one stop technical marvels.

CoffeeSnoop.com offers you expert coffee machine reviews and ratings that will help you select the best coffee machine you need.

Coffee Resources

Coffee Machine Reviews Main Categories

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Hobbs Coffee Machines

Russell Hobbs Coffee Machines, are synonymous with innovation and quality. Some of these machines have commercial quality features which enhances the taste of espresso and make preparations virtually …

Coffee Recipes

The coffee recipes section of our site is dedicated to provide you with great coffee recipes just as the ones used in coffee shops for you to brew at home.

Jura Ena5 Coffee Machine

The Jura ena5 coffee machine is a top of the line personal coffee maker. This model features ‘green’ technology, memory options, push- to-brew capabilities and top-notch taste technology.

Jura ENA4 Coffee Machine

Jura ENA4 coffee machine is a bean to cup automatic coffee machine that takes less than one minute to complete a full brew cycle.

Jura ENA3 Coffee Machine

The Jura ENA3 coffee machine is a bean-to-cup coffee automatic center that brings the quality of full-sized brew machines into places with limited space.

Breville 800ESXL Espresso Machine

The Breville 800ESXL espresso machine is a high-powered espresso machine that can add a touch of class to any coffee counter.

Top Rated Coffeemakers

What are top rated coffeemakers? Are coffee makers that are affordable, some brew up to fourteen cups of coffee and are easy to operate.

Top Rated 4 Cup Coffeemaker

Top Rated 4 Cup Coffeemaker that brew four to five cups of coffee are considered 4-cup coffee makers. Choosing one of these machines takes a lot of consideration because there are so many models available.

Italexpress Coffee Makers

The Italexpress coffee makers are one of the simplest coffee machines systems, nevertheless these stove top coffee makers can produce coffee cups as delicious as any expensive super-automatic coffee machines in the market today.


Krups Coffee Machines

The Krups coffee machines have become a household name synonymous with sleek designs, high quality and functional small appliances.

Cleaning Espressione Espresso Machine

When cleaning Espressione Espresso Machine you must beware that regularity is part of keeping it functional.

Cleaning Coffee Machines

Cleaning coffee machines – Descaling or Decalcifying Coffee Machines – Users are often mystified by the ‘how to’ of descaling Coffee Machines so we wrote this small guide from info we collected from the internet and based on our experience.

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