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Lavazza BLUE LB800 Review

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Lavazza BLUE LB800 Review

Lavazza® coffee machines bring the taste of a coffee shop into the home. The Lavazza® Blue LB 800 is a downsized version of the Lavazza® Blue LB 1000, a machine found in small office settings. Despite its compact size, the LB 800 has all the same features as the LB 1000, including a steam spout and a 1200cc water tank. This machine is a welcome addition to any kitchen for a variety of reasons.

Design Appeal

This Lavazza® machine is compact. It doesn’t take up much valuable counter space and it doesn't have a large carafe to store because it brews cups individually. In addition, the black and brushed chrome finish fits in well with any kitchen décor.

Ease of Use

Lavazza Blue LB800The water tank in this machine has a 40 oz or eight cup capacity. The Lavazza® Blue LB 800 uses individual coffee pods instead of loose grinds eliminating the need for filters. To brew a cup of coffee after the water tank is filled. Then, the user simply places the coffee pod in the pod loader at the top of the machine and presses the Start button. Once the coffee is brewed, the pod drops into a collection drawer, which holds up to ten pods.


The pods for the Lavazza® Blue are available in a variety of flavors including both caffeinated and decaffeinated flavors, in addition to Espresso Ricco and Espresso Dolce. There are other varieties of hot drink flavors available as well. Hot chocolate, hot teas such as chamomile tea, and warm milk are some of the non-coffee drink flavors. There is also a consommé-flavored capsule available.

Width: 16 cm
Height: 31 cm
Depth: 25 cm
weight: 4,5 kg

Just manually insert the capsule in the unit  as you do in professional machines and your Lavazza BLUE espresso will be ready in just a few seconds.

Lavazza Blue LB800 Review

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The Bottom Line:

Lavazza Coffee Capsules

Lavazza Premium Drip Ground Coffee, 10-Ounce Cans (Pack of 4)
Newly designed can, same great product! Lavazza Premium Drip Coffee is a 100% Arabica blend of premium beans from Central America, Kenya, and Tanzania which, when brewed in a filter or drip machine, results in a coffee with a delicate aroma and well-balanced flavor. Premium Drip's exceptional full-bodied taste turns any breakfast or coffee-break into a special occasion. Light roast. Pre-ground for drip or filter method.
Customer Review: Not good coffee
As others have reported, this is a very coarse grind coffee that takes about twice as much to create a coffee of any strength. It does not live up to the Lavazza name, being more like food-service grade. It is most certainly not a Premium coffee, as it is called. It is a light roast, but has an unpleasant, weak taste nevertheless, in addition to poor mouthfeel. Not worth the money, even when on sale. Lavazza should be selling this under a different brand name.
Customer Review: Lavazza Premium Drip Coffee - Very smooth
This drip coffee is extremely smooth and as all lavazza coffees are - very high quality. If you're a flavored coffee drinker and like to dose your coffee with sugar - do NOT do it with Premium Drip. You don't need anything in this coffee to make it palatable. It's a light roast which makes it very smooth so if you want a stronger coffee, you'll need to add a scoop or two to your normal brew process. By the way, 'light roast' coffee has more caffeine so don't load up on this until you get comfortable.

Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast Ground Coffee, 8-Ounce Bags (Pack of 5)
Lavazza gran filtro dark roast, ground, 8-ounce bags (pack of 5) is a 100% Arabica blend composed of full-bodied Brazilian coffees whose chocolaty flavor blends with the spicy aroma of Indian coffees. The dark roasting enhances the strength and body of these origins producing an intense, persistent aftertaste with a hint of caramel. Gran filtro dark roast is perfect for drip coffee makers, French presses, percolators and vacuum brewers. Large 2.2 lb vacuum sealed bags.
Customer Review: Best coffee I've ever tasted - really.
I know everyone's tastes are different but honestly this coffee has the best flavor - for me - ever. After having one shipment and trying a few other brands I went back to this Lavazza Gran Filtro Dark Roast. I signed up for the automatic shipment with the 15% discount. So as a Prime member I get two and a half pounds of the best coffee I've ever tasted, shipped free, for fifteen dollars a month. Seriously.
Customer Review: Love the Lavazza
This coffee is the best, and we have it sent to us monthly...absolutely no hassles!! ships it right on time every month! We love it.

Lavazza Tierra! 100% Sustainable Whole Bean Coffee, 2.2-Pound Bag
The whole beans version of Tierra is an excellent, 100% Arabica product made using the washed, green coffee, grown at medium to high-altitudes and checked at every stage of production. It yields a creamy, medium-body espresso characterized by aromatic notes and a floral sweetness.
Customer Review: Good but not as good as supercrema
I like it as a straight espresso shot - great aroma, not bitter with subtle sweetness, but not as much for cappuccino. Supercrema in my opinion holds up better for those who like to add milk to their espresso drink. I don't think these beans will work at all for those who like latte. I wish all these would come in smaller size because I normally go through 1 Lb of coffee every month and this bag will last me two months.
Customer Review: great coffee aznd great service
Coffee is smooth, full bodied and rich. I highly recommend it and I really am very discriminating about my coffee. Lavazza is hard to find in most areas so I ordered it on a monthly subscription which is very convenient and an excellent price.

Lavazza Coffe Capsules (Hyperlink - Click here to see all of the Lavazza Blends at lavazza-capsules

Whatever flavor your mania demands, Lavazza BLUE capsules can meet the need.

Single - serving and stored in a controlled atmosphere, Lavazza BLUE capsules contain the best blends of Lavazza coffee, for an espresso suitable for every coffee maniac.

Individually sealed, Lavazza BLUE capsules guarantee the freshness and aroma of the coffee for consistently perfect espresso.

But Lavazza BLUE isn´t just coffee: a wide range of hot drinks can provide the ideal accompaniment for each and every break.

 How to use gourmet coffee beans in coffee recipes (Link to coffee recipes)

Buying A Lavazza Coffee Machine

There are several positive reviews about the different models that Lavazza has released into the market. However, as a user you should also be aware of some negative reviews about the products before you decide to buy one.

Can be bought at several of the online merchant sites in the World Wide Web. These include the more famous ones, like and eBay.

Make a quick search here for a coffee machine and gourmet coffee beans or visit our link sponsors below:


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    Lavazza BLUE LB800 Review


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