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Kazuki Yamamoto has his enigmas

We Wish We Knew The Meaning Behind This One…

But, sadly, we don’t watch enough anime. Here’s one of the many, many Anime characters Yamamoto has painted.

Wabi-sabi enigma

The girl we do not know another Wabi-sabi

The Best Part of Waking Up?
It’s finding a 3D foam cat in your cup!Amiright guys? Amiright?! Am I? …..Because I sort of accidentally dropped our cat in the coffee today. I, uh, I’m really sorry about that.

fat cat takes over

Fat cat takes over the coffee cup

What better way to show off your over-the-top creativity than crafting a sculpture of the most vertical of creatures, the giraffe? I would have major guilt destroying this work of art in order to get my caffeine fix.

giraffe in a cup

How did the giraffe get into the coffee cup?

Yamamoto’s Dedication to his Craft is Inspiring.
His intricate and beautiful works of art remind us to find playful moments even in the most mundane of situations. They are truly joy in a cup.

Salvador Dali's melting clocks painting.

A coffee version of the meaning of the famous Surrealist artist Salvador Dali’s melting clocks painting.

This Yamamoto’s coffee version brings a new meaning of the famous Surrealist artist Salvador Dali’s melting clocks painting.

Links to the Kaziki Yamamoto Story:

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