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Cleaning Milk Frothing System

Cleaning Milk Frothing System – Office coffee machines

As we all know the Office [easyazon_link identifier=”B00EI7DPPI” locale=”US” tag=”allsportsjobs-20″]Coffee Machine[/easyazon_link]is loved by everyone, because it is so efficient and froths your fresh milk automatically, but all the love stops right there, because no-one loves cleaning the milk frothing system – and some awful bacteria is starting to grow in it!

The milk frothing system – which include the milk line and milk frother or steamer, must be kept bacteria free and sanitized to maintain good standards of health and hygiene for office coffee machine users.

So preventing the buildup of bacteria in the [easyazon_link identifier=”B000CELRH4″ locale=”US” tag=”allsportsjobs-20″]milk frothing system[/easyazon_link]is a major issue.

If the coffee machine is located in a relatively warm area or if the milk line is not refrigerated, it is even more important to keep a watchful eye on the condition of the milk frothing system.

Particularly in this situation we suggest that, every time the machine is going to be idle, fresh water should be flushed through the milk line and frother .

As a preventive measure to avoid possible buildup of bacteria, and to keep your cup of coffee tasting delicious, we recommend the use of a cleaner such as the [easyazon_link identifier=”B004BDSFE0″ locale=”US” tag=”allsportsjobs-20″]Urnex Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner[/easyazon_link], to clean and sanitize the milk frothing system.

Do follow the office coffee machine manufacturers instructions, but if there are none available, just do the following:

• Either manually or automatically (depending on your machine type and instructions) run a rinse cycle through your milk frothing system with fresh water

• Mix 20ml [easyazon_link identifier=”B000FDL68W” locale=”US” tag=”allsportsjobs-20″]Urnex Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner[/easyazon_link] in 300ml of warm water

• After Inserting the milk frother suction tube into the solution, run for 2 cleaning / flush cycles or until solution is completely used up

• Fill up a container with clean fresh water (about 500ml), remove milk frother suction tube from solution container and place in it new fresh water container – run for 2 flush cycles or until water container is empty

• In some cases you may need to reconnect tube to milk prime line (read manufacturers manual)

Always watch your coffee machine at the office or home and use this simple procedure to keep a clean and healthy coffee environment by preventing excessive bacteria buildup in your milk frothing system.
Cleaning Milk Frothing System and Organic cleaning:

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