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Cleaning Espressione Espresso Machine

How to do the cleaning of the espressione espresso machine?

When cleaning Espressione Espresso Machine you must beaware that regularity is part of keeping it functional. This can save you a considerable amount on repair and replacement costs. By cleaning the machine after each use, you can enjoy your investment for years to come.

Clean the Drip Tray
Once each brew cycle is complete and you have enjoyed your cup of coffee or espresso, you must clean the drip tray by wiping it with a damp cloth.

If you do not do this, you will find that the coffee drips dry and will burn on the drip tray when the machine is started again. While this will not directly affect the taste of your coffee, it can cause the heating element to heat unevenly, which can scorch the coffee.

Rinse the Filter
After each use, you must rinse the portafilter. To do this, simply remove it and rinse it under warm water until any coffee in it is removed. Not only will this help keep the machine functional, it will also prevent coffee from a previous brew from mixing with the coffee in the new brew.

Wipe Down the Exterior
Any dirt or dust that gets into your Espressione Espresso Machine can damage the machine. As such cleaning the exterior of the machine is vital. To do this, wipe the machine off with a damp cloth. Once a week, you should wipe around the buttons with a cotton swab.

However, when you do this make sure that you squeeze any excess water from the swab. This will prevent water from getting under the buttons and short-circuiting the electrical system.

Although cleaning your coffee machine after each use can help it to stay functional for many years, cleaning must take place on the inside of the machine.

If you limit your cleaning Espressione Espresso Machine regime to only cleaning the exterior, you may find that your espresso tastes different than it did when you brewed for the first time.

If your machine has a three-way valve, you can remedy this problem by back flushing the machine, as this will remove any old coffee oils from the machine.

Change the Filter
When you back flush the machine, the portafilter has to be removed. One this is done, you should replace it with a back flush disk. This filter does not have holes so it prevents water from flowing through it.

Add Cleaner and Water
In order to remove all of the coffee deposits from the machine, you must add some back flush cleaner in the basket. Once you do this, you should fill the water tank as you would to brew espresso.

Start the Brew
Turn the espresso machine on. You will hear the pump start. Listen carefully to the sound. After about twenty seconds, you will not hear it anymore.

At this point, you must turn the machine off.
After turning the machine off, you will notice that a foam will begin emptying onto the drip tray.

The cleaner reacting with deposits causes this foam. As such, you must continue the back flush process until the water comes out clear. However, you do not have to add more cleaner. You just need to add water as necessary.

This should be enough to do a proper Espressione Espresso Machine cleaning. If you have questions or suggestion please feel free to contact us!

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