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The Quest for the Perfect Cup of Coffee

There are four elements to consider when you are in the quest for brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Keurig has some very simple but rather practical advise that you should follow when brewing a tasty cup of coffee, especially if you are using Keurig K-Cup pre-measured

Element 1
Any hot beverage is made up primarily of water. Often overlooked, the quality of the water is as important as the quality of the coffee, tea or cocoa.

A good rule of thumb is that if your water doesn’t taste good from the tap, it won’t taste any better in your beverage.

That’s why the Cuisinart® Compact Single Serve has added a charcoal water filter that removes chlorine, bad tastes and odors, for the purest cup of coffee every time.

Element 2
While the bulk of the liquid is water, all of the flavor should be from the coffee, tea or cocoa.

To achieve the same great quality you receive at coffee bars,
you need to use the same quality ingredients. By using the K-Cup®, brought to you by some of the most premium brands on the market, you can be assured that you’re getting the finest, freshest gourmet product with every cup you brew.

If you choose to use your own coffee in the included My K-Cup®, make sure all your ingredients are at their freshest.

Element 3
The grind of coffee and cocoa, or the refinement of your tea leaves, is critical for proper flavor extraction.

With the pre-measured, pre-ground ingredients found in every K-Cup®, you can rest easy knowing that it’ll brew perfectly each and every time, locking in maximum flavor and freshness.

Element 4

Cup of coffee

Brew a delicious cup of coffee

No matter which cup size you choose, the Cuisinart®
Compact Single Serve, working in conjunction with K-Cup®, always produces the perfect cup every time. When grinding your own coffee and using it in the included My K-Cup®, remember to add the amount of ground coffee that corresponds to the number of ounces being brewed.

Here you can find over two hundred varieties of Keurig K-Cup pre-measured. Keurig K-Cup pre-measured (Amazon Link)

Keurig Coffee Makers

Cuisinart Coffee Machines

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1 comment to The Quest for the Perfect Cup of Coffee

  • Imel

    oh I absolutely love hot appel cider! I didn’t know you can make it with a keruig! We don’t drink coffee so I never paid much attention to the machine, but wow, now I might want one knowing I can brew fine apple cider with it!

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