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Senseo® HD7832 Supreme

Senseo® HD7832 Supreme Coffee Machines reviews and comparisons of Senseo Coffee Machines.

Single Serve Gourmet Coffeemaker Review

The Senseo® HD7832 Supreme Deluxe is an economically priced single serve coffee maker with a growing customer base.

It brews a single cup of coffee, complete with foam, in under one minute.

Because this coffee maker appliance uses pre-measured coffee pods, it produces a guaranteed fresh coffee with a consistent taste and aroma every time.

senseo-supreme-coffee-makerThis Senseo® Supreme Single-Serve gourmet coffeemaker has a series of new features and improvements which were designed to enable the users to make their coffee experience at home even more individual.

Since this machine brews the coffee directly into a cup, thermos or travel mug, cleaning up afterwards is very easy.

Because of these attributes and more, the Senseo ® Supreme consistently receives excellent reviews.


senseo supreme spout Users commented most often on the machine’s adjustable spout and in some cases negatively.

The spout moves up and down, enabling the user to brew either a small cup of coffee or a large travel mug of coffee.

Couple the adjustable spout with the six different coffee volume selection options and this machine can easily adapt to any size of individual mug or thermos.

Easy to use interactive LCD screen

senseo supreme LCDAt the touch of a new button, you can illuminate up to three bars on the interactive LCD screen, with the following corresponding coffee volumes.

To brew three, four or five ounces of coffee, use one pod, press the one cup button and select one, two or three volume select bars, respectively.

To make six, eight or ten ounces of coffee, use two pods, press the two cup button and select one, two or three volume select bars, respectively.

Wide Range of Appeal

These Senseo® coffee machines use single serving drink pods instead of paper filters and loose grounds, ensuring that the coffee is always fresh.

The pod holder in this machine can accommodate one or two drink pods at a time allowing the user to brew a larger container of coffee when needed.

This feature also lets the user to brew different type of hot beverages to please any household member or guest. The pods are available in coffee, hot tea and hot chocolate varieties.


senseo supreme larger water tankPriced at under $200, this coffee machine provides gourmet coffee at a reasonable senseo® supreme larger water tank price.

This coffee machine is made of sturdy steel, and the only major component made of plastic is the 32 oz removable water tank.

Like other Senseo® products, the Supreme offers top quality workmanship and parts.

Senseo HD7832 Supreme Features (from Manufacturer)

* The first Senseo® to feature interactive LCD screen technology that enables brewing of a variety of cup sizes (up to 10 ounces), customizing the strength of each cup
* Fast and easy to use
* Brews high-quality, great-tasting premium coffee available in varieties to suit every taste
* Revolutionizing the at-home coffee by providing gourmet cup of coffee at the touch of a button
* Attractive solution for the coffee lover seeking convenience without sacrificing taste
* Specially designed pre-measured pods, mean virtually no clean-up
* Sleek, modern design
* Measures 13-1/2 by 12 by 8-1/2 inches
* Includes two pod holders: a shallow holder that holds one coffee pod for one cup, and a deeper filter that holds two pods for two cups (or one 8-ounce mug).
* Adjustable spout
* All removable parts are dishwasher-safe
* Two-year limited warranty
Reviews and Ratings of the Senseo HD7832 Supreme

Overall Rating: ****

CoffeeSnoop collects and analyses reviews from international magazines, our website and other websites.

User Reviews:

Pros: **This was my 2nd Senseo HD7832 Supreme model unit** the first had to be replaced by Amazon because the power on button was broken (it wouldn’t turn off) and the boiler unit simply wouldn’t heat the water. Senseo customer service and Amazon customer service was great during the exchange, which was handled professionally and promptly.

Cons: After unpacking and using it for a while, I realized it was all marketing hype. Here is what I found (objectively, for all to benefit)

1) The ‘adjustable spout’ is only adjustable DOWN. I measured both the original and the new spout, and both are 4 9/16 inches from the drip plate to the bottom of the spout. SURE, it adjusts DOWN to the different mug sizes, but NOT any higher as the marketing words would imply.

2) The ‘multiple serving sizes’ is also a farce. Using the same mug on both machines, I had to use the ‘brew 2 cups’ button and then the ‘brew 1 cup’ button to get the mug to fill up to the same place (both machines produced the same amount of liquid). Again, a farce.

So, what I can figure is this: I paid $50 more for a machine that has blue lights instead of red ones.

Oh, the quality problems really do exist – read the other reviews carefully (I should have!) While the “standard” model is sturdy and well-built (including fit-n-finish), it is very true that the tank does not “feel” as snug as it should. This isn’t a functional problem, but it just makes you wonder if the fit isn’t quite right, what else is lacking in quality?

The Bottom Line: My bottom line? Buy the original, no-frills model and an extra-capacity tank and get good coffee without spending the extra money. They both fit the same size mug, and make the same coffee.

User Reviews:

Pros: In particular, a great advantage of the Senseo HD7832 Supreme is that, unlike most coffee makers, it does not have an exposed heating element. That means it can be used in places where electrical appliances that have exposed heat elements are forbidden. I have given a Senseo to a college student living in a dorm room where this was allowed but other coffee makers were not. I have given one to an elderly friend, living in an assisted living facility, again, where the rules state that appliances with exposed heating elements are forbidden in resident’s rooms.

Cons: The extra-large water tank offered as a “Better Together” bundle does not fit this machine. My mistake was not looking at the item description where it clearly states it fits only the HD7810 model.
Buy the machine but don’t buy the water tank. I had no problems returning the item (Amazon is very accommodating)- I had already purchased extra-large water tanks for all of my other machines.

The Bottom Line: I purchased my first Senseo in July 2004. Since then I have purchased several more, both for my own use, for my office, for gifts and in my opinion the machines keep getting better and better. I like the option on this one of dispensing 3 portions into a large mug and the adjustable height of the spout is a great improvement.

User Reviews:

Pros: I very much like the variable cup volume size for those who like stronger or weaker coffee. The extra tea pod holder is great. I also like the blue lights on the base and in the display on the top. I like that the heating cycle is displayed on the top and the cup volume selection is easy with the top display. Extra tank capacity is very nice as well.

Cons: This is the second Senseo Supreme I have gotten from Amazon. I returned the first, as the water tank did not fit into the back of the unit completely. (Unlike the profile picture shown with this item, my tank did not fit snuggly at the top and sticks out a little more than a quarter of an inch. Not huge aesthetically, but the valve in the bottom of the water tank couldn’t get pushed up enough to let water into the machine.)

The second machine I received is a little better, but the tank still doesn’t fit properly. The machine functions fine, so I will keep this second one.

The Bottom Line: Overall, a great machine, love the look. Missed 5 stars with a poorly fitting water tank.

User Reviews:

Pros: The choice of 1 or 2 cups, plus three brew levels, equals 12 brew strength/volume options. I measured the output to confirm the difference, and it is real. Choose 1 cup, 1 bar of water output to get a 4 oz shot of coffee, 1c/2b = 5oz, 1c/3b = 6 oz. Choose 2 cups, 1 bar of water to get an 8 oz shot, 2c/2b = 10 oz, 2c/3b = 12 oz.

A larger water reservoir is included. The LED display lets you know not only when the water tank is depleted, but also when the unit needs cleaning, a really nice upgrade.

In the Senseo HD7832 Supreme descaling is simple using plain old vinegar, and the external parts are easily disassembled for washing in the dishwasher.

The unit is relatively compact in design, so it takes up less counter space than some other brands, and it is a sleek, stylish looking machine in chrome to blend with any decor.

Cons: None.

The Bottom Line: We are very pleased with this machine and highly recommend it.
Buying A Senseo HD7832 Supreme Coffee Machine

CoffeeSnoop: There are many very positive reviews for the Senseo HD7832 Supreme, however, as a user you should also be aware of some negative reviews about the products before you decide to buy one.

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