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Senseo® HD7820 Deluxe Coffee Machines

Reviews and Comparisons of Senseo Coffee Machines.

The Senseo® HD7820 Deluxe Single Serve Gourmet Coffeemaker Review.

If there is a award that attests the quality of a product is one by a top professional in the food and drink industry.

Senseo® was awarded the ChefsBest award for best performing single-serve coffee appliance. The ChefsBest Award for Performance is awarded to the brand rated highest overall among leading brands by independent professional chefs. –Ann Bieri

The Senseo® Deluxe is a single serve coffee machine that features dishwasher safe parts.

senseo-machine-deluxe-smIt enables the user to bypass a coffee carafe or pot to brew the coffee straight into the cup or mug.

The quality of workmanship and materials used to make this machine make it well worth the price.

Like the other Senseo® coffee machines, this coffeemaker gets excellent reviews by users for numerous reasons.

Adjusts to Individual Taste

senseo-deluxe-buttonThe Senseo® Deluxe uses a drink pod system. The drink pod holder can accommodate one or two pods at a time, which enables the user to brew stronger coffee or larger amounts of coffee.

This system also allows the user to mix and match drink pods to create a flavor combination to suit anyone’s tastes.

In addition to coffee pods, Senseo® offers other hot drink pods.

Varieties of hot tea pods are available, including chamomile tea and green tea. Hot chocolate pod varieties include rich milk chocolate and white chocolate.


senseo-deluxe-spoutThe coffee machine features an adjustable spout. This allows the user to brew coffee into a travel mug or tall coffee cup. It eliminates the need brew multiple cups of coffee to fill a large mug.

The Senseo’s mild pressure system heats water to 205 degrees Fahrenheit in a boiler consistently every time.

Via the mild pressure system, the heated water is forced through the machine and is evenly distributed over the pre-measured coffee pod(s.)

Esthetic Appeal

senseo-deluxe-tankThe Deluxe features a sleek black exterior that blends easily into any kitchen.

The removable 32 oz clear plastic water reservoir sits on the rear of the machine, making it invisible to guests.

With a quick glance, however, the user can discreetly gauge the water remaining in the reservoir.

Senseo® Features (From the Manufacturer)

* The first single-serve coffee system that delivers a fresh, consistent cup of gourmet coffee in under a minute
* Fast and easy to use
* Brews high-quality, great-tasting premium coffee available in varieties to suit every taste
* Customizable to ensure your get exactly the cup of coffee you want, every time
* Revolutionizing the at-home coffee by providing gourmet cup of coffee at the touch of a button
* Attractive solution for the coffee lover seeking convenience without sacrificing taste
* Specially designed pre-measured pods, mean virtually no clean-up
* Sleek, modern design, available in five colors: cobalt blue, black, white, and red
* Measures 13-1/2 by 12 by 8-1/2 inches
* Includes two pod holders: a shallow holder that holds one coffee pod for one cup, and a deeper filter that holds two pods for two cups (or one 8-ounce mug).
* Adjustable spout fits multiple cup sizes
* All removable parts are dishwasher-safe
* Two-year limited warranty

Reviews and Ratings of the Senseo HD7820 Deluxe

Overall Rating: ****

CoffeeSnoop collects and analyses reviews from international magazines, our website and other websites.

User Reviews:

Pros: It does exactly what is says it will do, brew individual cups quickly and conveniently with no messy grounds to clean up or leftover coffee to deal with. For my taste, the coffee is rich and aromatic; it has a distinctly European character which isn’t a bad thing because the coffee over there almost always outclasses anything available here in my experience.

Cons: One word of warning: if you love huge, steaming mugs of coffee, this device won’t give you that. It brews small cups of coffee, about the size you get from the self-brewing machines in your local car dealership.

The Bottom Line: If you can live with that, and adjust your add-ons ( cream, milk, sweetener ) accordingly, you will probably be very satisfied with this coffee brewer.

User Reviews:

Pros: If you want hot, strong, fast coffee with no fuss this is the machine for you. In my house we have a regular 12 cup drip coffeemaker, but with 2 coffee drinkers in the house we go through a pot fairly quickly. That’s where the Senseo comes in handy. We use it as a add-on when we just want 1 more cup, but don’t want to run it through the “big” machine. We just turn on the Senseo, add a pod, let it warm up and TaDaa!

Cons: The only time I have gotten a bad cup of coffe from this machine is when I forgot to put the pod in the machine before brewing. (please note THAT important tip….)

The Bottom Line: To summarize, if you have never owned a pod machine you can’t go wrong with the Senseo.

User Reviews:

Pros: We love our senseo coffee maker and the coffee it makes. Some people complain that it makes small cups of coffee. I like it better that way because it’s so easy to mix and match coffee flavors there is a never ending variety. Plus it literally only takes a few seconds to brew another cup. They advertise “under a minute” but it’s more like 10 seconds!

Cons: None. I can’t rave about this device enough. For the first time in my life I buy DECAF! Because the coffee this thing makes tastes so good I drink coffee all day long and like to switch to decaf after noon.

The Bottom Line: Unless you become a coffee junkie like I did you will save money with one of these because you literally drink every drop that is brewed. There is no waste. It’s probably better for the environment that way.

User Reviews:

Pros: Barely takes two minutes to brew in the morning and its so simple to add water and pop the pods in. The variable pod holders (1-pod, 2-pods, and even an Espresso version) and brew settings allow you to make the coffee as strong as you like. No pots full of coffee sitting for hours only to go to waste, just make as much as you need a cup or two at a time.

Cons: None. Better yet: the 6-pack box of coffee pods sold by Amazon (e.g., Dark Roast, French Vanilla, Hazelnut) comes out to about 30cents a cup even with the added latte flavor packets (60cents when two pods are used for a strong mug serving). I’m hoping the money saved by avoiding Starbucks every morning will go to my potato chip addiction….

The Bottom Line: In sum, easy to use, clean and economical. Again, my DISCLAIMER is that I’m not a coffee snob so I personally cannot discern the difference between the coffee made by this versus your Starbucks/Peet’s etc. But my guests have had no complaints so far and rather enjoy the cool factor. Good luck.

Buying A SENSEO® HD7820 Deluxe Coffee Machine

CoffeeSnoop: There are many positive reviews for the Senseo® HD7820 Deluxe, however, as a user you should also be aware of some negative reviews about the products before you decide to buy one.

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