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Russell Hobbs® Filter Coffee Maker

For the modern house a coffee maker with many practical features. This Russell Hobbs® filter coffee maker is a 8 cup coffee machine with modern design.

Does a stylish looking machine design make up for not so robust parts?

A nice looking coffe maker, with a few things that may go wrong with it, but you must read the rest to get the whole picture and make a judgement for yourself.

Russell Hobbs® filter coffee maker Review

russell-hobbs-filter-coffee-makerThis Russell Hobbs® filter coffee maker can make you an excellent cup of filter coffee at the touch of a button.

Designed to compliment polished or brushed home appliances and a modern decor.

Having said that, because of its very compact design, it is hard to fill up the water tank with the jug without spilling.

The water thank lid only opens 90 degrees with extremely narrow opening to fill it.

You might need to use a small funnel, it works!

When new this filter coffee maker may have a strong smell of plastic, to eliminate it you could use a bicarbonate of soda solution. We suggest you consult the manufacturer for this.

removable-coffee-filterThe removable filter even though very practical and reusable it is very flimsy the handle keeps on coming off the hinges.

Another aspect that you should be careful with is the very thin glass on the carafe.

The non-drip valve is also extremely useful, as it prevents coffee from dripping onto the hotplate whilst the carafe is removed. For your convenience a water level indicator is located on the side of the machine for precise filling and also has an auto shut-off feature, which switches the machine off two hours after brewing has finished.

The Cafe Torino by Russell Hobbs Filter Coffee Maker will make 8-10 cups of delicious filter coffee at a time.

Coffee Freshness

The fully programmable digital timer, conveniently allows you to program the coffee maker to switch on up to 24 hours in advance, perfect for waking up to the warm aroma of freshly brewed coffee or when you arrive home at the end of the day.

If you wish to keep your coffee hot for up to two hours, place the thermal carafe, that can hold up to 8 cups of coffee on one brew, on the integrated warming plate.

Custom Coffee Taste

If you want more sophisticated coffee like, Espresso’s, Latte’s or Cappuccino’s, this coffee maker is not for you, it only brews straight plain good filtered old black coffee.

Integrated Features

timerThis sophisticated Russell Hobbs® thermal coffee maker has 24-Hour programmable LCD clock/timer – Blue analog clock face, that can be pre-programmed to prepare your coffee for when you wake up in the morning or anytime during the day.

The machine has Auto Shut-off feature, that will switch the machine off after two hours if filter coffee maker is left on and unattended.

On the side of the coffee machine the water reservoir has a cup measuring level indicator which allows you to choose from brewing from one cup to eight cups.

The Pause-and-serve function, available at the touch of a button, allows you to pour a coffee cup in the middle of a brewing cycle and finish brewing after you place the thermal carafe back into the machine.
The non-drip valve is also extremely useful, as it prevents coffee from dripping onto the hotplate whilst the carafe is removed.


This Russell Hobbs® filter coffee maker a $56.– price tag may have plenty of competition to consider!

We suggest that you look at other types of Russell Hobbs® thermal coffee makers or compare to other similar ones we have reviewed in this website (follow the links at the bottom of this page).

Key Features

Russell Hobbs® Filter Coffee Maker

8 -10 Cups
automatic drip coffeemaker
24-hr programmable digital clock/timer
2 hr automatic shut
Pause and Serve Anti Drip Feature
Water Level Indicator
Glass Carafe
Model No. 14597

Buying A Russel Hobbs Coffee Machine

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