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Russell Hobbs Black Satin Coffee Machine

This Russell Hobbs® black satin coffee maker with a 1.2 liter capacity water tank is always ready to brew another cup.

Russell Hobbs® Black Satin coffee maker Review

satin-coffee-makerThis Russell Hobbs® black satin coffee maker is ideal if you want to vary from a good quality cup of filter coffee and taste the European Espresso’s, Latte’s or Cappuccino’s.

Even though this machine offers reasonably large quantities of coffee it still is suitable for small or crowded kitchen counters because of its compact and efficient design.

Coffee Freshness

The integrated warming plates will keep both glass carafes warm and they can hold ten cups of filter coffee and four espresso cups of fresh brewed coffee.

Custom Coffee Taste

If you want more sophisticated coffee like, filter coffee, Espresso’s, Latte’s or Cappuccino’s, this coffee maker is for you! This is an all in one coffee machine loaded with options.

Integrated Features

This sophisticated Russell Hobbs® black satin coffee maker has large water tank which holds 1.2 liters of water.

You can chose to brew the classic cappuccino, espresso and latte, or plain old filter coffee.

The steam nozzle arm can conveniently be moved into your glass or cup to froth foamy milk with the turn of the knob above it.

Alternatively you can make ten cups of filter coffee or four espresso cups and keep them warm in the carafe containers by turning on the switch for the integrated warming plates.


The large capacity and multi-functionality of this Russell Hobbs® black satin maker makes it very attractive at under a $100.– !

Nevertheless, we suggest that you look at other types of Russell Hobbs® coffee makers or compare to other similar ones from different brands that we have reviewed in this website (follow the links at the bottom of this page).
Russell Hobbs® Black Satin coffee maker

Key Features

12-cup filter coffee maker
Programmable timer
Brew strength control
Auto-on function
Safety auto-shut off feature
Drip-stop value for serving whilst still brewing
LED power indicator lights
Removable filter basket
Glass carafe with flip top lid
Water level indicator
Model No. 12693

Buying A Russel Hobbs Coffee Machine

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