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SAECO Coffee Machines

The saeco coffee machines international group is a leader company that designs, produces and markets coffee machines for household and professional use, automatic vending machine for hot, cold beverages and snacks.

Set up in Italy in 1981, Saeco has grown successfully over the years to become a Group with a strong international orientation and a presence in the world’s leading markets with 15 subsidiaries in Europe, United States, Latin America, Australia, Asia and a sales network in more than 60 countries.

Over the years, Saeco has combined its considerable innovative capacities – a major factor in the Group’s success – with an exceptional ability to understand and anticipate the market’s requirements.

Passion is the key factor of their success. Passion for ideas and for the developing of this idea that let this company grow from a small town reality to an international network.

Reviews SAECO Coffee Machines



Enter into the world of the Saeco Primea Cappuccino. You will be captivated by its unique design and refinement, its advanced technology and functionality, and its practical ease of use.

Thanks to the exclusive integrated Cappuccinatore, it is the first model capable of preparing two cappuccinos or two latte macchiatos at the same time.

The new Saeco Primea Cappuccino line offers to any connoisseur the very best in technology, design, and of course, taste.

SAECO coffee machines user reviews:

User review:

Great for Entertaining!,

This machine produces a fantastic coffee and the fact that we can choose to use whole bean or ground (for family and friends who only drink decaf) is a bonus. I also love that we can make coffee after coffee with no mess and very little maintenance. Whether it is an Americano or a Latte this machine does it perfect every time.

TALEA LINE Espresso Machine


Designed by BMW DesignworksUSA, the new Talea line of super automatic espresso coffee machines features Saeco’s latest innovations including a ceramic grinder, SBS Saeco Brewing System and Touch Lift technology.

These machines also introduce the new Milk Island, an automatic milk frothing device that attaches to the base of the machine to create delicious cappuccinos and lattes with ease.

Like all Saeco coffee machines, the Talea line is fully programmable to ensure you brew the perfect gourmet coffee with the push of a button.

The modern form and innovative function has earned the Talea machines the prestigious “red dot” award for design excellence.

Talea Touch won the prestigious “red dot” award for design excellence.

SAECO coffee machines user reviews:

User Reviews:

This is a fantastic machine. Trust me

Many espresso purists turn their noses up at superauto machines, but as someone who has owned a high-end non-auto machine, this Saeco will reliably produce a high-quality espresso shot with virtually no effort! With my manual machines the shots would vary in quality, and while at times I could produce a better shot on my own, it would require a lot of effort. Read full review…

Great coffee, ok quality,

Have been using this machine for a week now, and, most importantly, it makes outstanding coffee. I am not a coffee expert, but as a (now former) Starbucks regular, I can testify that I’d prefer coffee from this machine over Starbucks brew any day. Read full review…

ODEA LINE Coffee Machine


The third line designed by BMW DesignworksUSA, the new Odea super automatic espresso coffee machines feature Saeco’s innovative technology including the Giro interface, ceramic grinder, Saeco OptiDose and Touch Lift drip tray.

Like all Saeco machines, the Odea line is easy to customize ensuring the perfect cup of coffee, ground fresh from whole bean, each time you brew.

Modern in both form and function, the Odea machines are a perfect fit in any kitchen.

SAECO coffee machines user reviews:

Extensive User Review:

I had a Super Automatic espresso machine a few years ago until it went out. I figured it would cost more to get it fixed than it was worth. Read full review…

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Buying SAECO Coffee Machines

There are several positive reviews about the different models that SAECO has released into the market. However, as a user you should also be aware of some negative reviews about the products before you decide to buy one.

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