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Kazuki Yamamoto has his enigmas

We Wish We Knew The Meaning Behind This One…

But, sadly, we don’t watch enough anime. Here’s one of the many, many Anime characters Yamamoto has painted.

The girl we do not know another Wabi-sabienigma

The Best Part of Waking Up? It’s finding a 3D foam cat in your cup!Amiright guys? Amiright?! Am I? […]

Why bother creating a masterpiece if it’s going to disappear ?

Come On In! The water’s…well, the water’s actually coffee. But it sure is nice and toasty in here.

Nice and warm I feel good in here!

The Philosophy Behind Ephemeral Art Why bother creating a masterpiece if it’s going to disappear down someone’s throat? According to design philosopher Leonard Koren, ephemeral art has its […]

Even Twitter friends get treated by Yamamoto!

Fans Say He’s Also a Real Nice Guy

In the past, he’s created latte portraits of his Twitter followers. This is Twitter fan Peter Harrison, before his latte transformation.

Peter Harrison before 3D treatment!

Yamamoto did his magic and here is Peter Harrison after: (According to Mr. Harrison, the gift was a complete surprise.)


Kazuki is Like Picasso on Speed

Yamamoto must work quickly to satisfy customers’ desires for a fresh cup of joe. He claims he completes each work of art in under four minutes, so the coffee is still hot when he serves it that puts him like Picasso on speed.

Snoopy laying on the froth!

Sometimes One Cup Is Not Enough


Kazuki Yamamoto and The Magic 3D Coffee Foam Art

Some People Should Never, Ever Quit Their Day Jobs Kazuki Yamamoto is a Japanese barista who constructs eye-popping works of 3D art using just foam and coffee.

Kazuki Yamamoto 3D foam art Coffee Magic

With his creations with coffee foam, he has earned more than 100,000 Twitter followers obsessed with his latte art within […]